At UUCUC, we use Google's Google Drive service for storing and sharing files.

There are three levels of access: 1) Public Folder Access, 2) Members & Friends Folder Access, and 3) Specific Group Folder Access

Public Folder

This folder is intended for access by anyone. No login is required.

Files for Members & Friends

This folder is intended for anyone who self-identifies as a Member or Friend of UUCUC. To self-identify as a Member or Friend, simply join our Members and Friends Google Group. To join this group, go to the Members and Friends Google Group web page – if you are not yet logged in to Google, follow the link to log in. If you do not yet have access, you should see something like the below.


Click on "Join group." You should see something like the below.

Confirm you are using the Google Account you prefer to use for UUCUC resources and click on "Join this group."


Your UUCUC Group's Google Drive Folder

If your group has a Google Drive folder, it can be shared directly with you and it should show up in your 'Shared with me' folder. If your folder isn't showing up in your 'Shared with me' folder, speak to your group leader to inquire whether your group has a folder and about access to it.