Welcome to the UUCUC Service AUUction page!  This year's auction will be held at the church on April 15th, 2017 with a theme of "CrUUise Around the World".   Come join us as we voyage to exotic locales without ever leaving the church!  Please use one of the links below to volunteer or submit a donation, or see our FAQ to answer your questions.


  • What is a service auction?
    A service auction is a sale in which the items being offered are not physical things but services that church members and friends perform for each other.  All of the proceeds of the sales go directly to the church.  For example, a person with computer expertise may sell their services to somebody else who needs help with their computer.
  • How does it work?
    There are three different auctions that make up the Service AUUction.  First and foremost is the live auction, helmed by the legendary Don Denny, a professional auctioneer of many years' experience.  It's just like the auctions you may have seen on TV or in the movies: people bid against each other with Don's verbal gymnastics encouraging more and higher bids.  In addition to the live auction there is also a silent auction, in which people bid against each other by writing their bids on a signup sheet with each item.  When the silent auction ends, the person with the last, highest bid wins the item.  Along with the silent auction is the fixed price auction, in which the price is set in advance and the first person/people to sign up get the item.  In all of the auctions there are items (often dinners or parties) in which there can be multiple winners.
  • What kind of things could I donate to the AUUction?
    • If you have a skill that people need, that is always a good place to start.  Some examples:
      • Computer services
      • Handyperson services
      • Interior or landscape design
      • Flower arranging
      • Baked goods
    • Also popular: use of equipment that you may have that others may need or want:
      • Use of a pickup truck
      • Use of a roto tiller or other powered yard equipment
      • A ride in a sports car
    • Most popular: dinners and parties!  These are doubly good because they both raise money for the church and then later provide a fun reason to get together.
    • Although exceptions abound, physical items tend not to do as well as services.  In particular, the Service AUUction is generally not a good place to donate things you have in the house that you no longer need or want.
    • If you have a question about whether something would be a good item, please email us at auction@uucuc.org.
  • What is the cost?
    • Tickets are $10/person, $30/family.  If you only wish to attend the auction you can just come.  We trust you not to eat anything.
  • What is the schedule?
    • 4:30: doors open, hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and music
    • 5:30: dinner is served
    • 6:30: Live auction begins
    • ~7:30: Intermission, last chance to bid on silent/fixed items
    • ~8:30: Auction ends
  • Will there be childcare?
    • Yes!  We will have activities for children downstairs.