At UUCUC, where our mission is to Build CommunitySeek InspirationPromote JusticeFind Peace, and where our first principle is to honor the worth and dignity of every individual, we are an ally and refuge for the disenfranchised and marginalized. As a Welcoming Congregation, UUCUC provides a church home and institutional ally to the LGBTQIA community. We offer educational opportunities such as the Our Whole Lives and the Building Bridges programs to promote values of understanding, inclusivity and social justice. We actively contribute to local efforts to feed the hungry, to provide shelter for the needy, and to support our immigrant population. Our shared plate offering gives more than $16,000 a year to support local, state, and nation-wide nonprofits.

Our lifespan Religious Education program is not intended to narrow our path but broaden our horizons. This congregation helps one other learn and grown as we take our individual journeys. Whether you're just starting our your spiritual exploration or sharpening the finer points of living your values, we have resources to help.

Above all, our church exists to provide a welcoming community of liberal religious values. While no two congregants share the same beliefs, we support and affirm one another as we find our own ways. We share meals, moments of silent meditation, and even the occasional board game. These connections may be the start of lifelong friendships.

The world throws many challenges our way. Every day, people and families are overwhelmed by demands and pulled by a culture that tends to separate us from one another and from nature. We help people reconnect and find meaning, community, and spirituality in their lives. We affirm life — this life — and every day we strive to bless life with what we do.

Come, help us make a difference.