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November 18, 2018

"Prophetic Sisterhood"

Rev. Florence Caplow

On the Midwestern frontier in the late 19th century, a quiet revolution unfolded: women began to be ordained and to serve as ministers of Unitarian and Universalist churches, which was entirely new in the history of Western religion. They were astonishingly successful, founding many new congregations. This church had a female Universalist minister early in its history. No other American denominations were ordaining women at this time. In this year where we have elected so many women Come hear the stories of these strong, resilient, and determined women, and what they can teach us.

November 25, 2018

“Where Credit Is Due”

Worship Committee

Can you think of a time recently when someone you know took a risk? Did they try something new and different, unsure if it would be a triumph or disaster?  Very likely you know someone who stayed late to finish some work, took extra responsibility, volunteered...or  maybe checked in on a friend at an important time. Today we will talk about those who do good, and who are often unseen, and how we can give thanks.