A photo is worth a thousand words. For a preview of available spaces for rent within the building, please scroll below!

Looking for the perfect setting for a wedding, banquet, or other special occasion? Need a place for your group to hold meetings? Our facility is...

  • Spacious and well designed for small or large group needs.
  • Air-conditioned (except the Sanctuary) and accessible for guests with disabilities.
  • Convenient; near downtown Urbana.

Who Can Rent Our Space?
Any person or group whose values are compatible with our Unitarian Universalist principles can rent our space. The activities must be appropriate to the setting and legal. Renters must agree to follow all rules as specified in the rental agreement. Proof of insurance may be required.

For information about availability, eligibility, accessibility, fees, or just to get started with your rental request, please contact the church office at (217) 384-8862 or info@uucuc.org.