Religious Education


Children and Youth are integral parts of our religious community.   For them we have a complete RE program, ranging from Child Care for preschool children to YRUU for the high school youth, and they regularly attend at least part of a service.  The RE program is staffed by our Director of Religious Education, Cindy Wakeland, and a cadre of volunteer teachers.  Parents and other members are involved either as teachers, as occasional participants, or as mentors in the Coming of Age class.  The RE program encourages our children and youth to grow morally and spiritually, and to each find her or his own path.

We gratefully acknowledge the efforts of our teachers, and they in turn often find teaching in RE to be a profoundly rewarding life experience.  Because teachers are also valued members of the congregation, we offer a “Hybrid Co-op Plan” that allows teachers to rotate in and out of RE on one of several part-time schedules, that allows for regular participation and continuity in the classroom and also regular participation in Sunday worship.   If you have any questions regarding our Religious Education program, please contact Cindy Wakeland at


Our 2017 - 2018 RE Program 

Pre-school class will be using the "Rainbow Connection" curriculum that uses storybooks for preschoolers to discuss the values inherent in the Principles and UUism.  

Kindergarten and First Grade will share "World of Wonder". This class program delves deep into our Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle. It instills respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, and appreciation of its beauty, excitement, and mystery. 

Second and Third Grade will discuss "Moral Tales" and learn about the spiritual and ethical tools to make wise choices and take action that reflect their UU values.

Fourth and Fifth Grade will be using a new curriculum "UU Harry Potter". These books offer important moral and social values for children guiding them toward making the right choices. The curriculum will use fun wizarding activities as the basis for discussion about values, social action and the seven principles. The class will also learn and work on seven real world social action projects, referred to as “Horcruxes.” Harry Potter Fans this is for YOU.

Sixth and Seventh Grade will be using "Traditions in a Wink" that teaches an understanding of UU faith that can replace the vague “anything we want to” statement with: “We come from a long tradition of questioning and searching.  We come from a long tradition of loving kindness and good works.”  Teachers will be sharing powerful stories of UU hope as the young teens begin to shape their faith.

Eighth Grade will be engaging in the "OWL (Our Whole Lives)" class.  Teachers will help young teens make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior.  It helps to clarify the values of the youth and build their interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of sexuality.

Ninth through Twelth Grade aka YRUU will use the "Be the Change" curriculum that engages the youth in conversations about racism and social justice issues. This will be inter-changed with the variety of other self-lead topics they discuss. The group usually attends one CON (a regional-wide retreat), a ski trip (if there is snow), conduct a Lock-In, and plans a worship service for the congregation in the spring.


A lay-led adult discussion group meets weekly following the Sunday service. Topics for discussion include current events, spirituality, the environment, and anything of interest to the group. Topics for upcoming weeks are suggested by the members. The person who suggests a topic leads the discussion on it. The group is completely open at all times, and no registration is required.


Other groups form from time to time to discuss a particular topic of interest, such as a book or social action topic.