Subscription Guide for Service Recordings

Each week, we record our service. The service recordings are edited into 35-50 minute “podcast episodes,” which are published online as soon as possible. We'll publicize the new episode in the UUCUC Members & Friends Group in Facebook as soon as it is published.

You can choose to listen to the latest podcast episode, or listen to past episodes to catch up with services you may have missed. Or perhaps you heard a great sermon you want to revisit, or share with a friend?

Each podcast includes inspiring musical performances, thoughtful readings, and a sermon by our Minister, the Reverend Florence Caplow, a guest minister, or the Worship Committee.

Podcasting lets you download episodes for later playback when you are without internet access – maybe when you are walking the dog, or traveling by car/bus/train/plane.

Many Ways to Listen

Podcasts are featured on the church Facebook page, and also on this website. But the easiest and most convenient way to subscribe and to listen is with a “podcasting application.”

On your desktop or laptop computer, you can subscribe to our feed with Apple iTunes. In iTunes, click on Podcasts, and search for “UUCUC” to find our feed.

On your Apple mobile device (iPad or iPhone), use the built-in Podcasts App.

On an Android smartphone or tablet, we recommend two apps:

  •    OneCast: This is free, but very limited in features.
  •    PocketCasts: This one costs a few dollars, but it is the absolute best podcasting app you will find.

In either of these or any other apps, just search for UUCUC and you will find our feed. Alternatively you can enter our feed URL manually:

You may want to configure your podcasting app to only download episodes while on a WIFI network, so you don’t have to pay mobile data charges. More questions? Please contact us at