The Partner Church Committee, under the guidance of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council, is chared by Brigitte Pieke.  Contact Brigitte at

About Our Partner Churches:

Our two Partner Churches are quite different although they share an economy based on farming. In Szekelykal, it's mixed agriculture while in Nongtalang the primary crop is beetle nut. In Szekelykal, the Church building dates from before the Reformation during which the Church became Unitarian. The Church in the Khasi Hills has been finished and is a small concrete building. Pavedroads arethe connections between urban areas and villages. The roads in the villages themselves are dirt roads. Szekelykal has heated homes and electricity, but in the Khasi Hills, the level of income is frequently below the global poverty level of a dollar a day, but they do have electricity.

Seventy-seven percent of young children in the State of Meghalaya (where Nongtalang is located) drop out of school before grade ten due to poverty. There are current photos from both Churches on the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Hall. In the south entrance hall (by the parking lot door) are hanging several gifts from our friends in Szekelykal. Funds for construction, Education, and communication have gone to both congregations. Use the links below to learn more about the Partner Churches with photos, find recipes typical of the Partner Church homelands, and experience the "Spirit of Life" music that our Partner Church Congregations sing!


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