Behavioral Covenant for the Settled Minister Search Committee 2016


We promise to respect and support each other, recognizing our diverse perspectives and varying needs for process and task orientation.


We promise to treat our time on the committee as a priority in our daily lives, reserving the time for all required meetings and being prepared to do business when we arrive.


We promise to listen carefully with an open, nonjudgmental mind to the words and ideas of the others in our church and on the committee.


We promise to disagree openly in committee meetings, expressing ourselves as clearly, directly, and honestly as possible, being explicit in our expectations of one another.


We promise to make our decisions thoughtfully, seeking guidance from our vision and mission statements, and from all the congregational input gained from the surveys and cottage meetings, as we move forward in our selection process.


We promise to work toward consensus in our final decision. When a final vote is reached, whether or not it reflects our individual views, we will support the final decision of the committee.