"The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Crazy And Perilous Times

August 25, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

In 1979 the British writer Douglas Adams published the almost-immediately-cult-classic-book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In this service, our minister will explore what wisdom in the Hitchhiker's Guide might be relevant to our lives at this time of profound global strangeness. Due to warm weather, this service will be held in the air conditioned Fellowship Hall. Our water service, usually held on the last Sunday in August, will take place on September 8th this year.

"Stonewall 50: Where Are We Now?”

August 18, 2019


In this service, we will take a look at the current status of LGBTQ+ rights. With the Stonewall riots fifty years behind us, what progress have we made, and what issues are we still facing?

"A Free And Responsible Search For Adventure”

August 11, 2019


Our modern world has no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in fantastical worlds and situations. Video games, movies, television, books: all of these can take you on amazing adventures. However, the stories they give you are pre-determined, and you largely experience them alone, passively, without much interaction with those around you. Role playing games offer the ability to have the same adventures, but to play an active role in how they turn out, and more importantly, to have the experience as part of a team working together towards a common goal.

Join us for this service where we will explore the world of fantasy role playing games, and how the gaming experience influences real life. Presented by Dana Antonelli, Matt Burack, Chris Hannauer, Andrew Kerins, and Maggie Verklan.

"The Bounty of Summer: A Celebration in Song”

August 4, 2019


Summer’s bounty is evident in our gardens and in our ways of worship. This service will celebrate hymns that speak to nature’s beauty and the earth’s abundance. Come ready to sing and also bring flowers or vegetables from your garden that we will display as inspiration.

"Our Souls Crave Connection”

July 28, 2019


When people come together something magical happens! Come hear how our Soul Matters Covenant Groups have helped many find meaningful connections. Learn how you too can find community in one of our upcoming Fall Soul Matters groups.

Soul Matters is a great way to connect. My learning comes when I least expect it. Soul Matters is a gift that keeps on giving.” – MJ Hansen, Small Group Facilitator, UU Church at Washington Crossing, Titusville, NJ

"Seeking Sanctuary”

July 21, 2019


Sanctuary: A place of refuge or safety. Imagine what it must take to flee the only home you have ever known in search of sanctuary. In this service, the voice of immigrants seeking sanctuary will be heard through reflections, poems, and songs to raise awareness and encourage advocacy. Sing with the Congolese Choir from St. Patrick Church!

"Those Not Chosen”

July 14, 2019

robert stake and worship committee

We pride ourselves in recognizing the uniqueness of every individual, but not every uniqueness gets treated equally. In choosing who shall have the better educational opportunities, we discriminate among the various talents of our children, often favoring performances in verbal and mathematical skills. At what cost to those not chosen? Do we compromise the mission of our schools with rankings? Is there equal protection below the median?

"People of the Book”

July 7, 2019

Gail Cohen and UUCUC Members

Gail Cohen and UUCUC members participating in the "Stories That Have Changed Our Lives" project will speak about how this project came to fruition and how writing has changed the lives of some of us. Thirteen UUCUC members participated in the project by submitting their personal stories of change and transformation. Each one’s biography appears at the end of the book.

To order a copy of the "Mosaic: Stories That Changed Our Lives" book on Amazon,CLICK HERE.

"Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God”

June 30, 2019

Sam Beshers and the Worship Committee

In 1741, in the heat of a Christian revival movement that was sweeping New England, the American Calvinist minister Jonathan Edwards preached a sermon that has influenced generations of "fire and brimstone" preachers. In this service we will consider Edwards' message and his purpose in delivering this sermon, how Universalism rejected his theological views, and what an updated and more UU version might look like.

"The Power Of We: From The 2019 UUA General Assembly”

June 23, 2019

Chris Hannauer and the Worship Committee

The UUA's annual General Assembly features some of the most memorable worship and music of our entire denomination. Join us as we take part, virtually, in this year's GA in Spokane, Washington. Time differences mean we won't be able to stream the live Sunday morning service, but we will have content from other services held during the assembly.

"Why I WIll Always Keep on Swimming”

June 16, 2019

Janice Collins and the Worship Committee

Janice Collins, professor of Journalism, motivational speaker and empowerment scholar, will talk about experiences that give her the courage and strength to embrace new challenges in her own life, and to work to empower and give courage to others.

"Rain Or Shine" - UUCUC’s Annual Worship Service & Potluck In The Park

June 9, 2019


Our June 9th worship service will be in the park with a potluck immediately following! Bring your favorite picnic food to share. You will also need to bring lawn chairs (please bring extra lawn chairs to share if you have them available!), beverages, plates, napkins, cups and utensils for your crew.

The Membership Committee will be offering child-friendly activities including strolling marionettes, a mingling magician, hula hooping, face painting, snow cones and more. We have rented the large pavilion for our use and there is a volleyball net and children’s playground nearby.

Crystal Lake Park is located north of West Park Street, west of North Broadway Avenue. We will meet at the Large Pavilion, which is located near the parking lot off of North Central Avenue.

"Flower Communion: Sharing Gifts, Creating Community"

June 2, 2019


UU churches around the world celebrate "Flower Communion" or the "Flower Celebration" originally developed in the early 20th century by Rev. Norbert Čapek, who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. In this last service in the sanctuary before the summer begins, we will also honor our long association with ECIRMAC (East Central Immigration and Refugee Mutual Action) and all who give their time and energy to this congregation. Please bring long-stemmed flowers to share with others in this favorite multi-generational service. Childcare is provided for the youngest children, but all ages are welcome in the service.


May 26, 2019


In this service we will honor youth from our congregation who are graduating from high school this year. This popular service will feature the thoughts of the bridging seniors, and a ritual of welcoming from the Young Adults of the congregation. Our two high school "Bridgers" this year are Jamie Davis and Maria Howerton-Sweid.

"Building Bridges"

May 19, 2019

Michele Grove

Children, youth and religious education leaders are invited to participate! An all-ages Sunday service honors this congregation’s passion for religious education. This Sunday service will be full of surprises enjoyed by all ages! We will honor all those who make religious education a special part of UUCUC.

"Finding Peace"

May 12, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

This Mother's Day we will connect with sources of inner peace. We will also honor mothers everywhere, and in every form.This service topic was suggested by Rosalyn Maziarka, our former Office Administrator - and the mother of a five-year-old. The choir will singing, and Kathleen Winters will be our instrumental soloist.

"Coming of Age"

May 5, 2019


Every two years our youth in 7th and 8th grade are part of a year-long Coming of Age group, that includes retreats, mentors, a service project, fun and introspection. Each Coming of Age youth writes a "credo" about what they believe, toward the end of the year. This very special service will feature those credos.

"Please Call Me By My True Name"

April 28, 2019

The Welcoming Committee

Nearly 20 years ago this congregation officially became a "Welcoming Congregation" to the LGBTQ+ community. We are revisiting this commitment now, and deepening it. Come learn and be inspired by what "welcoming" can mean in the 21st century.

"Transformation and Wholeness"

April 21, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

This all-ages Easter and Earth Day Service will celebrate the power of transformation, in the natural world and the human spirit. The choir will be singing. All are invited to wear their favorite Easter hats! (Or make one).

"Sound Effects"

April 14, 2019


We celebrate with music. We remember by music. We worship through music. Music and the arts are core human experiences, and on the 14th, we recognize the incredible role music plays in our lives. The choirs will perform, the instrumentalists will play, and the congregation will sing!

"Everything Is Holy Now"

April 7, 2019


Our spiritual theme for April is "What does it mean to be a people of wholeness?" UU songwriter Peter Mayer wrote an autobiographical song about his deepening understanding of the holiness/wholeness of the world, Everything Is Holy Now. Our own Laura Robinson will be singing as we celebrate the miracle of the returning spring in this joyous Sunday service.

"The Road Goes Ever On and On"

March 31, 2019

MEmbers of the worship committee

In this all-ages service we will be exploring the theme of journeys and sharing reflections on our life journeys. New members will be introduced during New Member Recognition Ceremony. The choir will be singing.

"Reawakening to the Earth"

March 24, 2019

MEmbers of the worship committee

Spring arrives and we celebrate the return of a greening landscape. We enjoy the beauty of budding trees and blooming flowers but are also made more acutely aware of our environment. In this service we will contemplate the vital life-sustaining resources of our planet and consider ways in which we can help restore, sustain, and provide more equitable access to them.

"The Art of Getting Lost"

March 17, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

Our theme for March is "Journey". All true journeys and adventures include the possibility of getting lost. Mostly we think of getting lost as a negative experience, but sometimes getting lost can lead to never-imagined possibilities. What does it mean to get lost, on a journey or in a life? What are the gifts of getting lost? What does it mean to find the way again?

"Spiritual Gains and Growing Pains - the Path to Greatness"

March 10, 2019

Rev. Bill Breeden, Minister Emeritus, UU Church of Bloomington, Indiana

How does a church navigate growth, change, and transformation? Come hear stories from the Bloomington UU church, a "Breakthrough Congregation", and meet Rev. Bill Breeden and his sidekick "Theodore Barker". This service is co-led by the UUCUC Committee on Shared Ministry and Rev. Florence Caplow. The choir will be singing.

"Back to the Future"

March 3, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

We are at a pivotal moment in the life of this congregation, and we are beginning to dream beautiful dreams of what we can become. Part of dreaming is also honoring the past. In this service we will consider high points in our past shared by you and consider where we could go in the future.

"Closer than They Appear"

February 24, 2019


This congregation’s religious education history is rich in story! Each of these memories shapes our current identity. We often think of these memories as living far away yet, in reality they are a part of who we are today. Michele Grove and members of the Religious Education Exploring the Future (REEF) Team will lead us on a journey and memory and celebration. Bring your memories and join in the celebration!

“Walking Each Other Home”

February 17, 2019

Members of Care Core & Rev. Florence Caplow

Caring for one another is a essential part of our lives as members of this church. Come hear stories of the joy of helping and being helped. The choir will be singing, and we will hear a special musical guest.

"Stewardship Sunday: Filling Up and Spilling Over" 

February 10, 2019


In this all ages service we will be celebrating the connections between love and generosity. We will honor St. Valentine's Day and love with a "chocolate and fruit communion"! Our UUCUC Choir and Youth Coordinator, Emily McKown, will be singing.This is also a "New Members Sunday" and the beginning of our annual pledge stewardship drive for the coming church year. Come welcome new members, celebrate, and enjoy some chocolate!

“The Distant Future: The Year 2000” YRUU Reflections on Technology

February 3, 2019


YRUU shares their perspective on how pressures on today’s youth are different than they were for previous generations. From stress as students to keeping up with the latest technologies - YRUU will share their personal stories. 

"Touched by Suicide"

January 27, 2019


In America, there is one death by suicide every 12 minutes, and every year there are nearly a quarter of a million people who lose a loved one to suicide. Through story and music we will acknowledge this painful reality, with compassion and care. Youth from 6th grade through high school are invited to attend this service. here will also be an opportunity to share personal stories after the service, led by Jim Hannum and Marilyn Ryan. 

"Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution"

January 20, 2019


Many of us think of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in terms of his "I Have a Dream" speech and his message of non-violent protest for anti-racist social change.  He was also a reformer, a radical, and a revolutionary who challenged white supremacy culture and practice along with other "isms" such as militarism and capitalism. This service starts with his 1966 lecture to the UU General Assembly, titled "Don't Sleep Through the Revolution," as a way to consider where we stand today with regard to racial justice in our personal lives, our church, and our society.

“Buddhist Practices for Resilience and Renewal”

January 13, 2019

Rev. Florence Caplow

As UUs we are people who are passionate about helping to create a better world, but how do we keep going for the long haul? Contemplative practices can ground our activism and develop our resilience in challenging times. In this service we will explore teachings and practices that can guide us in our call to skillful, compassionate action. Rev. Florence Caplow is a Zen Buddhist priest and teacher, as well as a UU minister.

"Anything Is Possible"

January 6, 2019


Our Soul Matters theme for January is "Possibility". In this first service of the New Year, we will celebrate the unexpected and the magical. Every New Year pundits offer predictions for the coming year. We may think we can know what the future holds, but history and life shows us that great changes are often not at all the ones that were predicted, and this can be very good news. This service will be for all ages, although childcare will be provided. There will be a visiting magician, so don't miss this one!

“The Poetry of Winter”

December 30, 2018

Worship Committee

Join members of the Worship Committee for a service honoring the quiet joys of winter and our hopes for the coming year. Bring a favorite poem or compose a poem for the occasion and bring it to share in the service, which will also include poetry for the children and a special tribute to the New Year.

"Christmas Eve"

December 24, 2018

We will have services at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The earlier service will have traditional Christmas readings, music, and carols, the second service will celebrate the transforming power of compassion, through reflections and music. All choirs will be singing, and both services will end with a candlelit "Silent Night."

“The Light Inside the Dark”

December 23, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

In this service, we will celebrate the winter solstice and the gifts of darkness and of light at this sacred and oh-so-dark time of year.

“The Gifts of the Journey” UUCUC Pageant

December 16, 2018

led by Michele Townsend Grove

Sophia Lyons Fahs said, "Every night a child is born is a holy night."  We will celebrate this truth in our all ages holiday pageant called The Gifts of the Journey.  The story will unfold as the participants travel to find a newborn baby and bring gifts to honor the holy event. This all ages worship experience gives everyone the opportunity to experience the holiday season and while providing children with the opportunity to participate in a way that is special to this time of year.  

“You Can Do It!”

December 9, 2018

Patch Adams, MD, guest speaker

Patch Adams is a doctor, clown, activist, visionary, and a member of our community. In this service Patch will talk about his work, the Gesundheit Institute, his concepts of “health care” and “hospital”, and his vision of the world as it should be.

Keine Angst vorm Dracula! (No Fear from Dracula!)

December 2, 2018

UUCUC Partner Church Committee 

This annual service honors and acknowledges our relationship with our partner Unitarian churches in Transylvania and India. The UUCUC choirs will be singing.

Where Credit Is Due

November 25, 2018

Sam Beshers and Worship Committee

Can you think of a time recently when someone you know took a risk? Did they try something new and different, unsure if it would be a triumph or disaster?  Very likely you know someone who stayed late to finish some work, took extra responsibility, volunteered...or maybe checked in on a friend at an important time. Today we will talk about those who do good, and who are often unseen, and how we can give thanks.

Prophetic Sisterhood

November 18, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

On the Midwestern frontier in the late 19th century, a quiet revolution unfolded: women began to be ordained and to serve as ministers of Unitarian and Universalist churches, which was entirely new in the history of Western religion. They were astonishingly successful, founding many new congregations. This church had a female Universalist minister early in its history. In this year where we have elected so many women. Come hear the stories of these strong, resilient, and determined women, and what they can teach us now.

Rituals of Love

November 11, 2018

Rev. Patrice Curtis, Visiting UU Minister

As Unitarian Universalists, we are called to challenge and confront powers and structures of evil. Might a newly inspirational humanist imagination help us do this work? 

Rev. Patrice Curtis is the minister for the Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater in Florida. She sits on the Gulf Coast Jewish Refugee Advisory Council, Interfaith Tampa Bay, and the UU Historical and Heritage Society. Previously, she served All Souls Church in Washington, DC and as intern at First Unitarian Portland in Oregon. Rev. Curtis is a colleague and friend of Rev. Caplow, here for our Celebration of Shared Ministry.  

Celebration of Shared Ministry & Installation of Reverend Florence Elizabeth Caplow

November 10, 2018

All Souls: Honoring Ancestors

November 4, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

Our November theme is "Memory". Join us on November 4th for a poignant service to honor those who have passed away and yet live on in our hearts and memories. Bring photos, mementos, or cards for our annual candle lighting ritual. The ushers will have blank cards at the door as well. This is an all-ages service. The UUCUC Choir and Children's Choir will be singing.

Shelter in the Storm

October 28, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

As the elections loom and as great storms, literal and figurative, are forecast daily, we are all just trying our best to live our lives with a little grace and joy and humor. In difficult times, how can we strengthen our support for each other and our neighbors? How can we provide refuge and sanctuary for one another? What lessons can be learned from real storms and their aftermath? Let's take a look.

Beloved Community/Radical Hospitality

October 21, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow and Deanna Hence

Deanna Hence and Rev. Caplow will explore what it means for us here at UUCUC to make a commitment to beloved community and ever-deepening hospitality, at a time when racial and economic divisions are widening daily. Children and youth will begin in the Sanctuary.

Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant

October 14, 2018

José Ángel N., Guest Speaker

José Ángel is the author of Illegal , published by the University of Illinois press. October's theme is "Sanctuary?" and this is an opportunity to hear a first person account of what it is like to be undocumented in this country. The UUCUC Choir will be singing. Children will begin in classrooms. The Press will have copies of our speaker's book for sale after the service, and he will be signing copies.

Speaker Biography : José Ángel came to the United States in 1993 and has lived here since. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in Hispanic Studies. You can explore his blog at   https://joseangeln.wordpress.com/ 

Blessings of the Animals

October 7, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

Our Sunday service, in honor of the birthday of St. Francis, will be a celebration of animals, both our companions and the wild ones. This will be an outdoor service, weather permitting. If it is rainy, the service will be held in the Sanctuary, and animals are still invited to attend. You can bring your pet (on a leash or in a carrier please), or, if your pet is shy, you can bring a photo to be blessed. Kids, you can even bring your favorite stuffed animal! All are welcome and all will be blessed.

I Have Come to Speak Only of Love

September 30, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was a 13th century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, Islamic scholar, and Sufi mystic, born September 30, 1207. His ecstatic poetry has been popularized by Western translators, and in that form has made its way into many of our UU hymns, readings, and sermons. In fact, some people say that our UU scriptures are the poetry of Mary Oliver and Rumi! In keeping of our September theme of Vision, and in honor of Rumi's birthday, we will be read his poetry and ask "Who was Rumi? What was his mystical vision? Has something of his spirit and faith been lost in translation? In this time of anti-Muslim feeling, what does it mean that we can so easily forget that Rumi was a poet writing from within the Muslim faith?"

A Wider Vision: Celebrating the Transcendentalists

September 23, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

The Transcendentalists, a loose-knit group of writers, intellectuals, speakers, Unitarian ministers, and reformers in 19th century New England, are among our spiritual ancestors as Unitarian Universalists. They included Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Peabody, Nathaniel Hawthorn, and others. This small group profoundly changed America and American values. September 19th is the 182nd anniversary of the first meeting of the Transcendentalist Club. Our theme this month is "Vision", and we will celebrate the transformative vision of the Transcendentalists. The UUCUC choir will be singing music from Transcendentalist composer Charles Ives. CrUUners and Children's Choir will be signing, too. Children and youth will begin in service before going to their classes.

Bubby’s Story

September 16, 2018

Elizabeth Davis, guest speaker and the Worship Committee

Twenty years ago, a young mother was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Her daughter Elizabeth will tell about her mother’s life and battle with the disease, and her own story of being raised to confront adversity and to “keep things in perspective”. The UUCUC Band will be playing. This service may extend beyond an hour.

Shared Ministry: Going Deeper

September 9, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

Last year, as Rev. Caplow began her ministry with us, she brought us the vision and practice of "shared ministry," which is based on the understanding that ministry is done by all in the congregation, not just the minister, and ministry reaches well beyond our walls. As we begin our second year of shared ministry with her, how have we traveled together in the last year? Where might we go from here? This will also be our annual Teacher Dedication and beginning of Children's Religious Education classes for the year. Children and youth will begin in worship service before heading to their classes. The UUCUC Choir and the CrUUners will be singing.

A Brave and Startling Truth

September 2, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

Maya Angelou wrote, "We, this people, on a small and lonely planet...It is possible and imperative that we learn a brave and startling truth...We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world" (https://www.best-poems.net/poem/a-brave-and-startling-truth-by-maya-angelou.html). In September we will be exploring the theme of "Vision" beginning with this beautiful poem, and what it can teach us about vision and possibility. 

Gathering of Waters: Our Lives Flow on in Endless Song

August 26, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow and Michele Townsend Grove

The UUCUC Water Service is our annual multi-generational Ingathering service at the end of the summer. Please bring a small vial of water from somewhere sacred to you, from far away or nearby. This is a beautiful UU tradition for all ages, honoring the waters of the world and our joining together in community once again. The service will be co-led by our minister, Rev. Caplow, and our new Interim Director of Religious Education, Michele Townsend Grove. 

Getting REal: A Transformative View of Religious Education

August 19, 2018

Michele Townsend Grove and Rev. Florence Caplow

Come learn more from our new Interim Director of Religious Education, Michele Townsend Grove! After a national search, we were thrilled when one of the top interim religious educators in the country agreed to come to UUCUC for two years, to guide us through a visioning process about our program. Interim religious education work is a relatively new field, and Michele is a leader in it. She will be sharing some of her life story and she will give us a preview of the interim work we will be doing together.

Creating Connections in a Growing Church Community

August 12, 2018

Sherry Bohlen, Scott Godlew, Deanna Hence, Jason Rock, Priscilla Kron

Featuring reflections from Rev. Florence Caplow; Song Leaders: The CrUUners

Come learn how to be a part of an emerging new "Covenant Group" program within our church community. The Covenant Group concept planned for this Fall has been designed for all new and old members and friends of UUCUC to create connections in our growing church environment. The Covenant Groups will follow UUA's theme-based ministry called "Soul Matters".  

Scott Godlew, Deanna Hence, Jason Rock and Priscilla Kron will represent the cadre of fellow congregants who will facilitate our small groups.

“Small Group Ministry is one of the great grassroots movements in Unitarian Universalism today. It is also one of the healthiest. It is helping us shape a faith that affirms real, lived human experience in all its complexity. It is helping us live out our individualism in ways that not only support but enhance our sense of community.”  Rev. William Sinkford, Past President, Unitarian Universalist Association

Each Breath is Borrowed Air

August 5, 2018

Janet Revell Barrett, Sam Beshers, and the Worship Committee

The pace of our contemporary lives makes it difficult to slow down, inviting moments of awe and wonder into our lives. We reach toward these restorative dimensions of experience on this summer morning by contemplating the expansiveness of the air we breathe, the panoramic sweep of earth, sea, and stars, the intertwined strands and molecules of life, and the interconnected lattice of our social worlds. Inspired by a hymn of this title, Jody Hanger, Virginia Brubaker, Kiri Fagen-Ulmschneider, Sam Beshers, and Janet Revell Barrett will interpret the rich meanings of text and tune, inviting those in attendance to pause in gratitude and appreciation for the wonders of reason and science, art and nature.

Is this who we are?

July 29, 2018

Ben Leff and Worship Committee

Amidst the recent furor over the Trump administration's immigration policy, a common refrain has been to assert that "this is not who we are"-- that these cruel policies fundamentally clash with American values and our history as a "nation of immigrants." This sentiment, however well-intentioned, ignores the long history of xenophobia in American society. Indeed, recent policies and rhetoric represent only the most recent of many surges of nativism in American history. Thus, one might argue that this is exactly who we are. In this service, exploration of the current political climate in its historical context by relating it to previous waves of immigration and nativism. As well as how Unitarian Universalist principles can underlie a thoughtful, ethical, and humane perspective on immigration policy.

Speaking Up for Children in Foster Care

July 22, 2018

Sandy Hannum, Pricilla Kron and Sherry Bohlen

This service will look into why the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program was created and how it works. Sherry Bohlen, Sandy Hannum, and Priscilla Kron, who are all current CASAs, will give their reflections on being an advocate for abused and neglected children in foster care. Because of the terrible mishandling of immigrant families in this country, there are many additional children in foster care right now who should never have been taken from their parents. This will be touched on as well.

Her/Hymn Sing

July 15, 2018

Barbara Hudgings and Worship Committee

Learn about women composers throughout history and also sing favorite hymns.

All Are Called

July 8, 2018

Amanda Owings, Mona Shannon and Worship Committee

Annually, Unitarian Universalists from across the world gather together to worship, to learn, and to collectively make decisions as an Association of Congregations. The theme of this year's General Assembly (GA) was, "All Are Called". 18 people of this congregation joined about 2,800 participants. In this service, we will explore the powerful challenge and beautiful spirit behind those three simple words.

What to Make of a Diminished Thing

July 1, 2018

Adam Davis and Worship Committee

Diminishment, personal and environmental, can be a source of deep sadness. Robert Frost's poem, 'The Oven Bird', offers wisdom for acknowledging these feelings and moving forward

Sounding the Call

June 24, 2018

The UUA's annual General Assembly features some of the most memorable worship and music of our entire denomination. In this service, we will stream the Service of the Living Tradition from this year's General Assembly in Kansas City, MO.

Reflections on Ending This Chapter

June 17, 2018

Beth Cobb, Assistant for Services

Beth Cobb has been the Assistant for Services at UUCUC for nearly 20 years, through five ministers and two sabbaticals and she will be retiring at the end of June (though not leaving the congregation). In this service, she will share some insights into what she has learned about being part of a team creating meaningful worship services. Beth will also share what it has meant to be part of so many weddings and memorial services for friends and strangers. We will be honoring her service and contributions to our Sunday experience in this special service.

Flower Celebration: Sharing Our Gifts

June 3, 2018

Rev. Florence Caplow

UU churches around the world celebrate "Flower Communion" or the "Flower Celebration" originally developed in the early 20th century by Rev. Norbert Čapek, who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. He wanted to unite the diverse religious traditions of his congregation by celebrating the beauty of nature. In this last service in the sanctuary before the summer begins, we will also honor all who give their time and energy to this congregation. Please bring long-stemmed flowers to share with others in this favorite multi-generational service. Childcare is provided for the youngest children, but all ages are welcome in the service.