Inclement Weather Protocols

Snowfall and ice will coincide with a busy day or  a Sunday morning here at church. How will you know to brave the streets or snuggle up with a blanket and a cup of cocoa?

First and foremost, use your own judgement. No matter what is happening at church, if you are nervous about road conditions, choose the cup of cocoa every time. If it is at all dangerous for you to be out, stay home! But if you are wondering whether to come over, here's how things will be decided and communicated:

Sunday service will be held if at all possible. Any decision to close would be listed on our website, Facebook and Twitter. (Don't forget to follow us!)

For committee meetings or groups/chalice circles, the group leader or chair of the committee should determine whether or not to hold the meeting. You may call that person or the church, during regular business hours. Committee chairs should make every effort to contact the church office, so that the correct message can be given. 

Stay safe! Each person in this community is precious and we want all of you to come to church when the weather clears.