Fundraising for the project started in June.  First we identified some people who had expressed interest in the project and asked them to make a soft pledge so we could gauge interest.  By the time we went to the congregation for a vote, we already had about 25% of the funds needed.  

We called the project Roof+Solar since we also needed to replace the 25yo black rubber roof.  The new white TPO membrane covers the old roof as our 1990 insulation levels were high enough and in good shape.  The roof was installed in October 2016 by Sentry Roofing in Covington IN.  

Julie made a poster board with marks for the 90 estimated panels we needed to raise money for.  Fundraising only took about 6 weeks from start to finish.  

Here is our info sheet from the info sessions we had before the congregational vote. (Note some financial details have changed.)