UU Happy Hour

Join us at Attie’s Bar & Grill today, Aug. 22 nd , for the UU Happy Hour. Attie’s is on the Stone Creek Golf Course, and if the weather’s good, we’ll be on the patio to watch the golfers. Come anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 to get together, chat & relax. Attie’s is located at 2600 Stone Creek Blvd., Urbana. For more information about the Happy Hour Group contact Russ Rybicki at russadr@fastmail.fm.

Pride Parade

The annual Pride Parade sponsored by the UP Center is set for Saturday, September 28th, to begin at 3 pm. We don't yet know the gathering time, but watch the eNews closer to that date. UUCUC has requested a place in the parade, the more the merrier!

Pathway to Membership Class

Join us at our Pathway to Membership class in the Children’s Chapel to learn about the history and philosophy of the Unitarian Universalist Church, governance, religious education, activities and opportunities, and your role as an active member and steward of our church community.  Contact Sherry Bohlen: Membership@uucuc.org