UUCUC Adult Choir


Choir Repertoire and Recordings

Download Silent Devotion and Response PDF File



Online Resources

UU Musicians Network
Resources for UU musicians, go figure!

Music Theory Lessons/Exercises
Great site with valuable explanations and chances to test what you've learned.

A website with Midi tracks for just specific voice parts of great works. This link takes you to the page for the Brahms Requiem (movement 4 is "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place").

The Singers Resource
Website with advice, articles, explanations, tips - you name it! I haven't thoroughly vetted this, but what I've seen seems valuable.

Ear Training Lessons/Exercises
Teoria is similar to MusicTheory.net in providing tutorials and then exercises.

A resource with phonetic spellings and tips for singing. It also has "How to pronounce Italian" and many other languages in PDF form.