The 2019 Service AUUction is coming, and we need your help to make it a success! Please use the links below to offer a service or to volunteer to help at the event itself. This is our biggest social occasion of the year and it only works because YOU contribute!


What the Heck is a Service Auction?

The basic idea behind the auction is a simple one: members and friends of the church offer services for sale to each other, and these services are sold to the highest bidder (by a real live auctioneer!). All the proceeds of the sale go to the church.

Our service auction started many years ago as a supplemental fundraiser intended to help us raise the extra money that we needed to make our “Fair Share” contribution to the UUA. It was a small gathering, the participants occupying the first few rows of pews in the sanctuary, but it was also a tremendous success. We have had a service auction every year since then, and in the intervening decades it has grown and grown to the point that it is now includes drinks and dinner and is our biggest fundraiser and social event of the year.

In addition to the “classic” auction we have also added silent and fixed-price auctions. A silent auction operates under the same principal as a normal auction, but instead of calling out their bids to an auctioneer, bidders instead write their bids on a sheet of paper that accompanies each item. When the silent auction ends (after the intermission of the main auction), the person with the highest bid wins the item. The fixed-price auction is just what it sounds like: items are offered for a single price, and every person who signs up gets it, until they are all sold.

What makes a good donation?

Basically, anything that you can provide that somebody else might want.  This might revolve around a skill that you have (computers, handyperson, baking, for example), or a passion that you are willing to share with others (gaming, jewelry or floral design, for example).  Social events (like theme dinners) are especially popular and provide great opportunities for UUs to gather and enjoy each other's company outside of church.  In no particular order, here are some recent popular offerings:

  • Dinners of all kinds

  • Desserts (cakes, ice cream, sundaes)

  • Personal computer services

  • Digital colorization of a black and white photo

  • Brewery tour with beer and bread tasting afterwards

  • Holiday gift wrapping

  • Use of a pickup truck

  • Power washing

  • Transportation to and from an airport

  • Kayaking with a picnic

  • Themed sing-a-long

  • Child's birthday party

The silent and fixed auction can also be a place to sell specific physical items, though they tend not to sell unless they are particularly interesting and they also require a lot of effort from our volunteers so we generally discourage them.  If you are at a loss as to what you can donate, we might suggest something like a gift card to a local restaurant or something handmade.