As of March 15, 2017

Pre-candidating weekends are complete!   

We are able to cross another major hurdle off our task timeline in Fellowship Hall. Be sure to check it out- it’s posted above the water fountain, follow our progress and see what’s next. In the meantime, here is the scoop:

On Feb. 9th we reported that we were anticipating three pre-candidate weekends. Those are now complete. The three ministers we selected traveled here on different weekends to meet and interview with the search committee and preach at a neutral pulpit. From Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon there was time for informal visiting, shared meals, formal interview questions, tours of the church and of the community. We got to know each of them extremely well and were quite impressed with the warmth and talent they could bring to our church family. We have rank ordered our pre-candidates which we now share with the UUA Transitions Office. Each pre-candidate also rank orders their choice of placement which the Transitions Office compares to ours.

Ultimately, one candidate will be chosen, and invited for the (Saturday through Sunday) week of April 29 to May 7. During that week, our candidate will give two sermons and meet as many church members as possible in various meetings and gatherings. Those events and dates will be scheduled and publicized in April. On May 7, our congregation will vote on whether to call the candidate as our minister. Remember that you must be a member of the church to vote. There is a Pathway to Membership Class on April 2 after which attendees will be invited to officially join the church and become a voting member.

Check out our Church Information Packet prepared for ministerial candidates at:


Umeeta chalice3

Leading the search is the Settled Minister Search Committee, whose members are Sam Beshers, co-chair; Sandy Hannum, co-chair; Jerry Carden; Kelly Halcom; Brian McDermott, Amanda Owings; and Umeeta Sadarangani.  You may contact the committee through any of its members.

Two of our main tasks are to get information and ideas from the congregation, and to keep you informed.  One important category of information is what aspects of ministry are of the highest priority to our congregation and how they relate to our goals for the near future.  The committee will use this information to give us an idea of what our next minister should be like.  The other kind of information we will need is about the current state of our church.  We will use this to put together an information packet that will tell prospective ministers about us, and that we hope will be attractive to them.

We will keep you, the congregation, informed through regular contributions to the Uniter, the E-news, displays in Fellowship Hall, and this web site.  Our search timeline is being displayed over the water fountains in Fellowship Hall, and will remain there for the rest of the year.

As we progress through the year and through the search, this section of our web site will expand to include much more information, and an update on current progress.  We hope you will find it useful.

Timeline for our search for a called minister diagrammed from the UUA settlement Handbook.